Rapé Yawanawa Tsunu


IntensityVery Strong
Main properties: Deep meditation, healing, purifying, female energy
Strong impact zone: crown chakra, third eye chakra
Tribe: Yawanawa
Size: 3g, 6g, 18g(3x6g), 48g(8x6g), 50g

We provide the freshest Rapé straight from the rainforest. 

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Buy Rapé Yawanawa Tsunu Online

Buy Rapé Yawanawa Tsunu Online. Classic blend with noticeable female energy. It opens and harmonizes the chakras, helps to remove blocked energy. Tsunu, which is one of the main ingredients in this mixture, is known as a plant that supports digestion, cleansing. Tsunu cinza has a harmonizing effect on the energy body. Tsunu rasu also works intensively on the emotional level, opening the crown chakra, third eye, thymus and heart. Hortela cleans the pineal gland and sinuses. Buy Rapé Yawanawa Tsunu Online
Rapé Yawanawa Tsunu can help you discover inner peace – between doing and experiencing, taking and giving, our feminine and masculine. Shamans say that this combination has the power to ward off negative energy or bad luck – both inside and outside of us.

Yawanawa Tsunu is a tonic with positive emotional and physical effects. It has an uplifting and cleansing chakrakter as well as a balancing effect on the energy body. Strongly strengthens the present moment and purifies the body and spirit. Buy Rapé Yawanawa Tsunu Online


Tsunu or Txunú is the native name of Platycyamus regnellii.

Buy Rapé Yawanawa Tsunu Online. The Tsunu tree is a tall tree with beautiful purple flowers that belongs to the Fabaceae family, growing in the Amazon rainforest. It has a strong, woody root system that can reach up to 30 meters (100 feet) in length. The Tsunu tree is known for its strong healing properties and has been used by indigenous people for centuries to produce various medicines. Buy Rapé Yawanawa Tsunu Online.

The Tsunu tree is often confused with the Pau Pereira tree. They are not the same plants, but you can call them that. Plants with comparable properties have the same name in different regions and tribes. Buy Rapé Yawanawa Tsunu Online. It is difficult to determine from which tree the Tsunu will be obtained, it is the shamans who decide which trees belong to this species and will be appropriate.

Furthermore, Tsunu is used to assist in wound healing and to provide support during ayahuasca ceremonies.

Yawanawa tribe

Buy Rapé Yawanawa Tsunu Online. The Yawanawá, or white-winged peccary tribe, are a small tribe of 1,300 people living in several villages along the Gregório River. They are known as warriors because they always fight, even in hard times. At one point their tribe almost died out and only 300 members survived. Buy Rapé Yawanawa Tsunu Online. Today, their numbers have grown significantly, and their traditions and knowledge have been kept very strictly.

The Yawanawá was the first tribe to initiate a woman to become a shaman, setting a great example in the history of shamans. In their language, Rapé is called Rume, and Yawanawá loves to mix Rume with Tsunu ash and mapacho, resulting in a special blend of refined aroma. Buy Rapé Yawanawa Tsunu Online

Yawanawa believes that Rapé is a powerful tool that can help restore balance and harmony in the human body.


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3g, 6g, 18g (3x6g), 48g (8x6g), 50g


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