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BUY Rapé YAWANAWA PARICA ONLINE. This is not an illusion: rapé really works, that’s why you should invite them into your life and let him, do order with what conventional methods can’t handle.

YAWANAWA PARICA to rapé working intensively in the area of the third eye and the crown chakra. Perfect for working with a deep understanding of the Soul’s inner purpose, desires coming straight from the heart and communicating with one’s intuition. A unique rape in honor of which our brand Laparica was named. BUY Rapé YAWANAWA PARICA ONLINE.

YAWANAWA tribe inhabits areas along the Gregorio River. The mixtures of this tribe – Rapé YAWANAWA PARICARapé TRADITIONAL YAWANAWA and Rapé YAWANAWA CUMARU are called Sacred Medicine by indigenous people, and their varieties differ in composition, proportions and composition of plants. BUY Rapé YAWANAWA PARICA ONLINE. The raw materials for rapé are harvested, and then dried, only from the rainforest areas inhabited by the YAWANAWA tribe, Which makes what some call – holy snuff – a unique product.

BUY Rapé YAWANAWA PARICA ONLINE. The product is not for consumption. The use and application of this particular product is at the decision, responsibility and risk of the customer. Rapé is a plant-based substance. It should be approached with due respect – not as a stimulant for entertainment. It is not a drug or an illegal substance – it is a product that in its pure, natural form you can use or store without any problems. BUY Rapé YAWANAWA PARICA ONLINE. Remember: rapé should not be combined with alcohol or used during pregnancy. Due to the nicotine in the mixture, rapé can lead to addiction if used too often or like a stimulant. Rapé should not be swallowed. 

Rapé can root the energy, cleanse it and support it in working with intention.

BUY Rapé YAWANAWA PARICA ONLINE. It’s a kind of Sacred, healing snuff made by tribes in the Acre region of Brazil and used for thousands of years in the Amazon region as a A powerful yet gentle tool for the soul. Rapé to A blend of Mapacho tobacco powder and tree ash, grated through a very fine sieve to a fine and dry dust in various shades of gray or beige. BUY Rapé YAWANAWA PARICA ONLINE. The process of making rapé itself is mystical and multi-stage, and the ways in which individual plants are prepared often remain secret of the tribes. How rapé will work for you depends not only on the specific type of mix, but also on the From your intention, approach to the ceremony and psychophysical condition, in which you find yourself. BUY Rapé YAWANAWA PARICA ONLINE.

Rapé can be self-administered using a V-shaped tube called a KURIPE.

How does rapé work?

  • First of all, it clears the nose, sinuses and larynx superbly, has an antibacterial effect
  • Cleanses and unblocks energy channels
  • thanks to its natural nicotine content effectively stimulates the brain for the production of epinephrine, acetylcholine and dopamine, the key neurotransmitters responsible for the attentiveness, focus and concentration
  • Stimulates creative thinking and intuition, allows you to think holistically, holistically. Improves sensation and sharpens the senses
  • It inspires meditation, makes you more “here and now”
  • Shamans emphasize the positive effects of rapé on the decalcification of the pineal gland – a gland that is responsible, among other things, for the production of melatonin and for clairvoyance, clairaudience and lucidity. And while the fact – science has not yet caught up with its evidence of the knowledge of indigenous healers, but there is no denying that the regular intake of rape Strengthens skills of extrasensory perception and working with intuition. BUY Rapé YAWANAWA PARICA ONLINE

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