Penis Envy Spore Syringe (P. Cubensis)



Buy Penis Envy Spore Syringe (P. Cubensis)

Looking for Penis Envy Mushroom Spores? You’re right where you need to be. Our PE spores are genetically tested, vigorous, & assembled in an ISO-7 clean room so that you don’t run into any issues. 

Skill Level Intermediate / Advanced
Species Psilocybe cubensis
Spore Color Purple / Black
Speed Slower than most

Kit Contents

  • 10CC Psilocybe cubensis spore solution in luer-lok syringe
  • 1 x sterile 18ga blunt tipped needle
  • Our Penis Envy syringes are highly concentrated with spores and must be shaken up vigorously amongst the solution.  Buy Penis Envy Spore Syringe (P. Cubensis)

Strain Origin

Buy Penis Envy Spore Syringe (P. Cubensis). Penis Envy mushrooms have been popularized by their bizarre, phallic appearance. They are rumored to have been found on a farm in Colombia, growing in “blob-like” formations on cow dung in the pastures. Buy Penis Envy Spore Syringe (P. Cubensis). Since that discovery & introduction of the strain into the United States, Penis Envy has been isolated into a variety of sub-strains such as Albino Penis Envy, PE6, Penis Envy Uncut, and more.


Penis Envy is definitely not a beginner strain to work with. In fact, it is considered quite tricky to study, which is why it has earned a spot in our Advanced 5-Pack. Buy Penis Envy Spore Syringe (P. Cubensis)

Spore Features

Buy Penis Envy Spore Syringe (P. Cubensis) . The spores of Penis Envy mushrooms are dark purplish to black, and sub ellipsoid on 4-spored basidia. Caps are generally dark spore printers and 40-60mm in diameter.

Penis Envy mushrooms do not produce many spores, and thus the spores of PE, PE Uncut, APE, and PE6 are very valuable for anyone’s collection.


Penis Envy is not rare at all in regard to its availability. However, it is rare to find PE spores with proven, tested genetics. Many vendors will provide mixed bags, old / unviable spores, or give you a different species all together in an effort to offload their unwanted inventory. Buy Penis Envy Spore Syringe (P. Cubensis) . We’ve been supplying syringes since 2008, and have a team of mycologists ensuring the authenticity of every batch.

Cultural Significance 

Psilocybe mushrooms have seemingly taken the world by storm, in big part thanks to the Penis Envy mushroom. Without this microscopy strain, the grassroots psilocybin movement would not be as big as it is right now. Buy Penis Envy Spore Syringe (P. Cubensis). In fact, PE accounts for almost 12% of all psilocybe research material in the USA. So, the cultural relevance of this mushroom is on an upward trajectory to the likes of which few other mushrooms can compete. Penis Envy one of many forces driving mainstream mycology. Buy Penis Envy Spore Syringe (P. Cubensis)


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