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Lavender Kush

Buy Lavender Kush Online. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast who also happens to dabble in aromatherapy, you will fall in love with this lavishly aromatic strain! Lavender Kush, or sometimes simply referred to as Lavender, is a multi-award winning strain including being a High Times Cannabis Cup title holder, earning itself the First Place Prize for the Indica category back in 2005 in addition to First Place at the Breeders Cup in 2010! While many phenotypes of this strain are indica hybrids, this particular phenotype is a pure indica, offering users a refreshingly calming, relaxing, happy and sedative high. Its THC content reaches upwards of 27% potency, so is quite potent and perhaps not so suitable for beginners. In terms of taste, it is also quite similar to lavender, so its range of effects are quite fitting! Who needs essential oils when you’ve got Lavender Kush?  Buy Lavender Kush Online.

Effects | Buy Weed Online

Buy weed online. In aromatherapy, lavender is used to promote calmness and wellness, and the fragrance of its oils have been studied and shown to reduce stress, anxiety and even mild pains. This cannabis strain named after the herbal flower offers similar effects! Lavender Kush offers a strong relaxing high both mentally and physically, and is often described as sedative. Buy Lavender Kush Online. Its soothing properties can help ease and relieve aches and pains, whether mild or chronic, including migraines, headaches, nausea and arthritis. It is also quite euphoric, so paired with its calming nature, this strain can help wash away negative thoughts, stress, depression and PTSD. It is known to also induce drowsiness, so can help those struggling with insomnia, and will easily put you to a good night’s sleep! This makes it more suitable for nighttime usage as well. If you struggle from appetite loss, this strain is also known to induce hunger and stimulate your appetite! Buy Lavender Kush Online.

THC Content

Buy weed online. This phenotype of Lavender Kush is a pure indica with a THC potency that averages at a staggering 27% count. It also offers 1% CBD. With these numbers, it is one of the most potent and effective strains on the cannabis market, while its calming properties and unique aromas also make it the ideal indica for medical usage. Soma Seeds has a variant of this strain that was created by crossing Lavender and Kush. Some other phenotypes of Lavender Kush however instead are created by crossing multiple strains: Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, Afghani Hawaiian and in some instances, the classic Afghani landrance. Buy Lavender Kush Online.

Appearance & Aroma

Buy weed online. Like its namesake, Lavender Kush has rich purple leaves and often has light violet tips. The dense buds are otherwise predominantly a light minty green, with pale, golden orange pistils running throughout, and finished with a generous coating of frosty crystal trichomes. The aroma of this strain is quite unique as it is so strongly similar to true lavender–and with the therapeutic effects to match! There is also a notable scent of spices as well, and undertones of earthiness and hints of sweetness. When smoking, the sweet and herbal taste of lavender can be tasted, and these flavours are nicely accented and balanced by wood and spice!  Buy Lavender Kush Online.

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