Animal Crackers


• 20%-27% THC
• <1% CBD

Animal Crackers is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that was first created by Cannarado Genetics. From backcrosses, to filial generations, Cannarado Genetics does it all and the Animal Crackers strain is a living testament to their out-of-this-world abilities and experience.

BUD SIZE Medium – Large
LINEAGE Animal Cookies x The White
EFFECTS Cerebral, Euphoric, Uplifted & Relaxed
PHENOTYPE Indica-dominant Hybrid
TERPENE PROFILE Nutty, Vanilla, Citrus & Earthy


Buy Animal Crackers Strain Online

Animal Crackers Strain

Buy Animal Crackers Strain Online. Not to be confused with its parent of a similar name, Animal Cookies, this Animal Crackers strain stands on its own as a purely delectable treat that may bring you back to days of childhood! While several phenotypes of the strain exist (a reason as to why it is often interchangeable with its parent), this original phenotype is created by Cannarado Genetics and made by crossing the parent Animal Cookies with The White. Buy Animal Crackers Strain Online. It is an indica dominant hybrid with a high THC potency of up to 25%, and a deliciously tasty dessert flavour profile that is reminiscent of its Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) grandparent. With an amazing uplifting and relaxing high, you’ll be on Cloud 9. Just like Shirley Temple, you’ll be left echoing the lyrics of the all too famous singalong, Animal crackers in my soup, Monkeys and rabbits loop the loop–gosh oh gee but I have fun!

Effects | Buy Weed Online

Buy Animal Crackers Strain Online. The high with Animal Crackers kicks in fairly quickly, and starts off cerebrally, allowing users to enter a state of euphoric bliss that can be quite stoney and hazy. Its uplifting effects will make you forget about any negative thoughts and worries as you are gently over taken with comfort and happiness. As the high progresses, a stronger, sedative body stone settles in that can easily induce couch lock. Buy Animal Crackers Strain Online. The heavily relaxing emotional and physical ease felt with this strain makes it a perfect choice for medical users seeking relief from a variety of symptoms and for any recreational user seeking a great indica for some much needed relaxation. Its uplifting nature can help those struggling with stress, anxiety and depression, while its physical contentment and sedative effects can relieve chronic or temporary pains, inflammation, muscle spasms and nausea. As it is quite a heavy strain, it is best suited for night time usage. Buy A.imal Crackers Strain Online

THC Content

Animal Crackers is an indica leaning hybrid strain with 80% dominance to 20% sativa. Its THC content averages at a high 25% potency though has been tested to reach even higher at 27%! Its parent, Animal Cookies, which it can sometimes get mixed up with, is the star child of the famed Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Fire OG. It is also an indica dominant hybrid with 75% to 25% indica, while its THC count averages between 20% to 27%. The White, however, is a bit of a mystery and to this day its parental lineage has not yet been confirmed, though we do know it was born and bred by breeders in Florida. It is also an indica hybrid, and its THC levels range between 20% and 28%! Buy Animal Crackers Strain Online

Appearance & Aroma

The nugs of Animal Crackers are small and densely packed with a conical or spade like shape. They are bright green in colour, and in between of olive and lime green, with golden orange pistils here and there. Its crystal trichomes are tiny but plentiful, coating the strain with a frosty appearance. The strain has a scrumptious cookie like flavour, with aromas strongly smelling of a creamy and vanilla nuttiness with accents of fresh earthy wood, herbal spices and a dash of sweet citrus! When smoking the same delectable blend can be tasted upon exhale, making an enjoyable high even more pleasurable with its sweet and tasty flavours! Buy Animal Crackers Strain Online. Buy weed online.

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3.5G, 7G, 14G, 28G, 1/4 LB


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