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Buy 100mg Infused Bath Bombs – Island Therapeutics Online

Buy 100mg Infused Bath Bombs – Island Therapeutics Online. Already a relaxing experience, bath bombs are a welcome addition to any bath-time routine. People use bath bombs, combined with powerful essential oils to help their muscles and joints relax, while they unwind from the stresses of every day life. Combining bath bombs with the power of CBD enhances these effects, making for a much more relaxing experience!

Available in three different essential oil blends and infused with 100mg of isolated CBD, Island Therapeutics will quickly become a much needed bath tub accessory! Buy 100mg Infused Bath Bombs – Island Therapeutics Online

Essential Oil Blends

  • Relaxation: Infused with relaxing and stress relieving lavender and rose essential oils, watch any stubborn aches and pains disappear while soaking in one of our gorgeous hand-made Relaxation bath bombs.
  • Rejuvenation: Smelling like a burst of sunshine, our Rejuvenation bath bombs are infused with lemon and orange essential oils and are absolutely heavenly to melt away the days worries.
  • Intimate: Enjoy the aphrodisiac oils of ylang ylang and sandalwood, in our Intimate bath bombs. They will surely be a staple for any romantic or solo evenings.


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