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• 17%-22% THC
• 1-2% CBD

SFV OG Kush is an intoxicating hybrid strain created by Cali Connection as a strain that has the ability to provide pain relief, relaxation without a debilitating couch-lock type of high. Originally a cut of OG Kush that was shared around the San Fernando Valley, Swerve of Cali Connection crossed it with Afghan #1, a potent landrace hailing from Afghanistan and back-crossed it to create the gassy and pine-like strain we now adore.

LINEAGE Afghan #1 x OG Kush
EFFECTS Relaxed, Happy, Sedated, Hungry & Giggly
PHENOTYPE Indica-dominant
TERPENE PROFILE Earthy, Kush, Fuel, Spicy & Pine


Buy SFV OG Kush Online


Buy SFV OG Kush Online. San Fernando Valley OG Kush, or simply SFV OG Kush for short, is an award-winning hybrid strain produced by Swerve, one of the famous breeders over at Cali Connection Farms from the beautiful Valley itself. Not to be confused with its predecessor, SFV OG, this strain is a phenotype of the cannabis community cult favourite, OG Kush, with a complex genetic lineage mixing multiple races including the Afghan #1. Buy weed online. It is loved for its well-balanced mixture of indica and sativa effects along with its strong potency and an almost immediately relaxing, euphoric high which helped it earn the title of 3rd place for best indica-dominant hybrid at the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup. This renowned strain is pretty dank and also carries refreshing notes of citrus and pine, making SFV OG Kush both a delectable and hard hitting strain that is well worth a try for any cannabis enthusiast! Buy SFV OG Kush Online.

Effects of OG Kush

Buy weed online. Due to its high indica content, SFV OG Kush smokers can expect mostly indica-type effects rather than sativa effects, making it perfect for nights in and stressful days. It is particularly helpful for those seeking medical usage beneficial for medical usage and for treating mood disorders or pain relief, like depression, chronic pain or migraines. Buy SFV OG Kush Online. The high starts from the head and trickles through the rest of the body, offering warm, fuzzy waves of relaxation and calmness as it numbs pains and aches while also washing your worries away. The high can last for hours so this strain is not typically recommended for daytime usage if you are outdoors or are busy with focus-oriented tasks. Because of its strong relaxation, SFV OG Kush is also great for treating insomnia. Some users also report a case of the munchies when smoking SFV OG Kush, so be sure to have some snacks nearby when using this heavy indica! Buy SFV OG Kush Online.

THC Content

Buy weed online. SFV OG Kush is an indica-dominant strain with a ratio of a staggering 90% indica to 10% sativa. Its THC content is relatively high, coming in between 19%-22% potency on average but can reach as high as 25%. The strain is known for being a heavy smoke, and vaporizing it can help make it smoother. In comparison, its predecessor the SFV OG is a sativa dominant strain with 70% sativa dominance and 30% indica, while averaging 17%-22% in THC potency. The famous OG family just doesn’t stop here with San Fernando Valley, there’s a wide variety of phenotypes including Larry OG by Cali Connection, the same genius breeders that created the SFV OG Kush! Buy SFV OG Kush Online.

Appearance & Aroma

Buy weed online. The SFV OG Kush strain carries an array of scents and flavours mostly balanced by citrus tones and a pungent though fresh earthiness. Users can taste notes of lemon and lime, some even notice tangerines, complemented by pine and a dank diesel-like skunkiness. This mixture of refreshing fruity and earthy flavours allows for a nice, light taste to an otherwise heavy hitting strain that can be a hard smoke for beginners. As for its appearance, the SFV OG Kush is predominantly mossy green in colour with bright, orange-amber pistils, decorated with a nice, pretty and sticky layer of crystallized trichomes. Buy SFV OG Kush Online


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