Black Tuna Kush

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• 17%-21% THC
• 1-2% CBD

Black Tuna Kush strain is a local British Columbian legend, believed to have been originally created by 5 Star Organic as a cross between Herojuana and Lamb’s Bread. This strain has become notorious for its extreme potency and high THC content.

BUD SIZE Medium – Large
LINEAGE Herojuana x Lamb’s Bread
EFFECTS Relaxed, Happy, Sedated, Euphoric & Sleepy
TERPENE PROFILE Earthy, Gas, Diesel, Pine & Woody


Buy Black Tuna Kush Online

Black Tuna Kush

Buy Black Tuna Kush Online. Yet another British Columbian born and bred strain, the Black Tuna Kush (sometimes simply referred to as Black Tuna) is notorious throughout Canada for its narcotic strength. It is a cross between the Herojuana and Lamb’s Bread strains, and was named after the Miami-based Black Tuna Gang who smuggled marijuana from Colombia into the United States back in the 70s. While its THC levels are a moderate 15% on average, it is definitely not a strain for beginners or low tolerance users. The Black Tuna high can last for a long time and is heavily sedative, making it a popularly sought after strain for medical users as well as the daring and adventurous. If you ever see this strain available and are brave enough, seize the oppor-tuna-ty to make it yours!

Effects | Buy Weed Online

Buy Black Tuna Kush Online. Don’t say you haven’t been warned! The Black Tuna Kush can settle up on users within minutes after consuming, starting off as a heady euphoric and uplifting high that can last for hours. It also can easily induce a strong couchlock, so you are better off using this strain towards the evening or on a weekend before hitting the hay. Some users also report feelings of arousal and energy, though this may be short lived as its sedative effects can overtake you sooner than you know it; some even describe it makes you enter a loopy state! It may be hard to keep your eyes open as you will feel so relaxed, and because of this strong, sedative nature, Black Tuna Kush is often referred to or described as narcotic. It is highly recommended for users seeking pain relief, whether chronic or mild, as well as relief from inflammation, cramps, headaches and insomnia. Buy weed online.

THC Content

Buy Black Tuna Kush Online. Black Tuna Kush is a balanced 50% to 50% sativa/indica hybrid, created originally by 5 Star Organic as a result of finding and developing an effective strain for pain relief. While some other strains on the market do have a higher THC concentration, the Black Tuna Kush is undeniably extremely potent with a heavier hitting high than many. A child of Lamb’s Bread and Herojuana, its THC levels average at 15%, but can vary from 14% up to 20%. Its parent, Lamb’s Bread, is a near pure sativa with 95% sativa to 5% indica, and THC levels of 16% to 21% plus 1% CBD on average. Its other parent, Herojuana, is also a balanced sativa/indica hybrid though is considered indica leaning due to its effects, with 12% to 16% THC and 1% CBN. Buy Black Tuna Kush Online.

Appearance & Aroma

Buy Black Tuna Kush Online. The flowers of Black Tuna Kush have several different shades of sage and forest green ranging from dark to light, with brassy orange-brown pistils. There are also shades of dark purple, with some batches having patches so dark that they can look almost black. The buds are densely packed and are long in shape, and coated with a sticky layer of trichomes. This strain has a strong scent and flavours that are quite pungent and skunky, but also herbal and earthy with a hint of spice. While it does not have a fish smell or taste, it is sometimes packed and sealed in tuna cans, a fun nod to its name–and perhaps a creative way of sealing its pungent aroma! Buy weed online.


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